Spicy Roasted Vegetable Salad with Cashew Cheese Sauce.

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Spicy Roasted Vegetable Salad with Cashew Cheese Sauce.
This is delicious warm salad perfect for a cold winters day. The puy lentils and the cashews in the sauce provide good levels of protein and fat. The roasted salad contains, sweet potato, celeriac, carrot, red onions, and red pepper are tossed in a hot spicy sauce. The cashew nut sauce combines well with the roasted vegetables.
Cashew cheese sauce
  1. Soak cashew nuts for at least 2 hours in water.
  2. Drain nuts and place in high speed blender together with all the other ingredients. Blend and set aside.
Roasted vegetables
  1. Put all the vegetables on a baking tray with the oil and vinegar. Season. Roast in the oven for approximately 40 mins until cooked. Ten minutes before the end of cooking time add the cooked lentils and toss through the vegetables,
  1. Whisk together all the dressing ingredients.
  2. When the vegetables have finished cooking remove from the oven and pour over the dressing. Toss until all the veg are covered with the dressing.
  3. Place the salad greens on a large plate or platter and top with the roasted vegetables and lentils.
  4. Por over the cheese sauce and top with some chopped coriander. Serve

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